3 Tricks for Making Your Sound Effects Better

Have you ever recorded a song only for the sound to disappoint you? The simplest way to ensure that the vocals are good in your song is cleverly using vocal effects so the singer can sound good in the speakers. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for. Whether you want parallel processing tricks for bigger vocals, enhanced duo tracking, dynamic megaphone consequences, or great slapback echoes, we have you covered. 

If you are here to find tricks for making sound effects better, get some popcorns and enjoy the read. 

Comp vocals for great doubles

You can do this when your singer cannot double his take as expected. In case you have the capability any editing, you can create the vocal record more powerful through tweaking the expressions to match correctly. This is specifically simple with the latest flex-time editing gear. By doing this, you will have an ideal one do rather than two vocal records that sound a bit out of sync with one another. 

I know you are going to ask, how do you this? Well, this is depended on the tools you have the kind of DAW available. The aim here is lineup the phrasing correctly to the main vocal record. 

Perfect Prop Handling

First find out if the subject is handling a prop such as a purse, map, or grocery bag. If so, then you will have to record the sounds. However, what is the best way to do it to ensure it sounds accurate and realistic? Well, we suggest that you make efforts to replicate the way the subject handles the prop. Therefore, you are going to require to have the ability to view the material source on a monitor so you can do this. 

Use EQ for parallel compression

The first question that comes to your money when someone tells you this is when do you do this? In case you wish to maintain the dynamics of the major musical record but add thickness and knock, you may include several compressors in correspondence. This will help you to achieve great results from both worlds.

Another question that you may ask is what is the way forward? Well, send the vocals to two varying compressors. A good example is the compressors, an LA2A, and 1176 FET style compressors. The next thing is to mix the compressed vocals underneath to have your desires. The diverse compression styles will process the vocal differently so you may want to have one of them more as compared to the other – read article on correct sound effect mp3.


When it comes to sound effects, you need to be clever. For instance, if you wish to have much space just about the vocal, and you do not need to clutter all things with reverb, you may side-chain the echo and slow to leave the way each time the singer sings. This way, you will have the space you need. If you have more questions about sound effects, feel free to reach out to us.

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